Vite Leaf HHC-O Hemp Eliquid 60 ML


Description & Contents:

  • HHC-O Content Per E-Liquid: 1500mg to 3000mg
  • Liquid per Container: 60 ML
  • Container: Unicorn
  • Extraction Material: Hemp Co2
  • ∆9THC Content: None detected
SKU: GH679


Vite Leaf HHC-O Eliquid

Vite Leaf’s HHC-O THC Eliquid is a refreshing vape juice created to offer a fast dosing of HHC-O! In fact, vaping this juicy E-liquid one of the quickest and most effective method of delivering HHC-O into your body. We offer 3 strains in 2 different strengths: 1500mg and 3000mg.

For best results, please steep your vape juice before use. Leave it under hot water for about 5 to 10 minutes to get the full effect.

Available Strains:

  • Strawberry Kush ( Sativa )
  • Grape Ape ( Indica )
  • Fruity OG ( Hybrid )

Dosage – Each vape is 60 ML and available in 2 strengths: 1500mg and 3000mg

This HHC-O Eliquid is made from high quality liquids with approval for consumption and ensures a consistent distribution of the cannabinoids. HHC-O Hemp Extract E-liquid is the absolutely fastest way for your body to obtain the cannabinoids.

What are the benefits of HHC-O?

With a low dosage, HHC-O relaxes your body and mind, reducing pain and stress simultaneously. Anxiety and mild aches go away, letting you feel more in control of your body and emotions.

But, with a higher dosage, if you seek a more intense experience, your body enters a deep state of relaxation that will make you sleep. The sleep is restful, and you wake up anew.

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All products contains 0.3% Delta 9 THC or less

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Strawberry Kush/Sativa, Grape Ape/Indica, Fruity OG/Hybrid


1,500 MG, 3,000 MG