HHCV 2 ML Vape Disposables CBD

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HHCV 2 ML Vape Disposables


HHCV Disposable Enjoy 2 ML of intense euphoria and a smooth, relaxed experience that’s perfect for sinking into your couch after work.

our adjustable heat disposable perfect for anyy setting if you need higher dosage ? easy with touch of a button. Auto preheat so you don’t have to wait for your next time of use.

Hibear HHCV 2 ML Vape Disposables

Here are the vape device for those looking for convenience and ease of use. Powered by a rechargeable battery, compact, lightweight, and requires no maintenance or refilling.


Its slim and ergonomic design make it easy to carry and discreet to use. In addition, the device is equipped with a bottom-filled 2 ML tank for a mess-free and hassle-free vaping experience.

The HHCV 2 ML Vape Disposables

offers an incredible range of flavors to choose from. From rich tobacco to sweet fruit to creamy dessert flavors, this device has something for everyone.

The device also features adjustable airflow control, so you can customize your vaping experience to your own preferences.

The HHCV 2 ML Vape Disposables is the perfect option for those looking for the convenience of a pre-filled vaping device without the hassle of having to maintain and refill it.

The device comes pre-loaded with 2ml of premium HHCV DISTILLATE , so you can hit the ground running and start vaping right away.

The device is also powered by a rechargeable battery, so you can be sure that you can always use it on the go.

Moreover, the HHCV 2 ML Vape Disposables is designed with user safety in mind.

as we mentioned the  device has a 10-second cut-off feature that will automatically shut off the device after 10 seconds of usage, to prevent overheating.

In addition, the device is equipped with short-circuit protection and low voltage protection, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the device.

Overall, the HHCV 2 ML Vape Disposables, is the perfect choice for those looking for a convenient and hassle-free vaping experience.

With its range of REAL STRAINS terpenoids flavoring , adjustable airflow control, and top-notch safety features. the device is sure to become your go-to device for a satisfying vaping experience.

  • Mimosa ( Sativa )
  • Purple Haze ( Sativa )
  • Og Kush ( Indica )
  • Breezy Melons ( Indica )
  • Hawaiian Pink  ( Hybrid )

Dosage:  2 ML at 1925 mg

Ingredients: Terpenes, HHC-V

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